Is a Wireless Security System Right for Me?

In the United States, a burglary happens approximately every 14 seconds. It’s an alarming statistic that is unfortunately true. A home invasion is an incident that can happen to anyone—it doesn’t matter where the neighborhood is or the socioeconomic status of the resident of the home. The only thing that will truly help prevent a home invasion is to equip your home with a monitoring system.

When a potential burglar sees the ADT monitoring logo on a lawn sign or window sticker outside of a home, they know better than to enter. We are the brand everyone recognizes—and there is a rich history behind it.

ADT has been in operation for over 140 years. In that time frame, ADT has become the leading security provider in both the U.S. and Canada. Currently there are over 6.5 million ADT residential and business customers—a number that only continues to grow.

As technology continues to advance, home monitoring equipment and services continue to excel. Today’s home security sector is seeing a growing shift towards wireless home security systems. You may have several concerns, like how they function in contrast to hardwired systems. It’s a perfectly good question.

About Wireless Home Security

Hardwired systems use cables to connect the different security system components; in contrast, wireless systems use radio waves.

Wireless home security systems cater to a large variety of homeowners and renters alike. It provides more adaptability than a wired system. Here are the most notable differences in a wireless home security system:

We have provided our customers and potential customers with numerous wireless security options to select from.

Overview of ADT Monitored Wireless Home Security Systems

Cell Uplink Package

This package option features CellGuard to help guarantee continual service (even if you are experience user-provider communication issues). So in the event of a storm, construction issue, accident, etc., you’ll continue to have uninterrupted security service.

ADT Pulse & ADT Pulse + Video OR Home Control

All of our ADT Pulse package options feature wireless security monitoring to provide remote mobile access and alerts. Regardless of your own physical location, you can remotely monitor and control your home using a compatible Internet-enabled device.

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