What Qualities are in the Best Home Security Systems?

The reality is that home security systems aren’t a luxury to have anymore—they’ve become a necessity. Approximately every 14.8 seconds, there is a home invasion that takes place somewhere in the United States. Of all of the total reported incidents, law enforcement personnel only solve about 10 percent of all burglaries committed.

The Importance of Having Home Security Protection

Were you to become a future burglary victim, the incident would likely cost you over $2,000 in estimated losses (due to both property damage and items stolen). It’s expensive to not be prepared—especially since many burglaries could have been avoided with a home security system.

In addition to avoiding a potential burglary, the best home security systems today alert residents of a house fire, flood or carbon monoxide leak. In the event that the home security system picks up smoke, senses too much internal water or carbon monoxide, the high decibel siren will go off. Being alerted of these dangers will help you act swiftly. Our expert security staff will be notified of the emergency and quickly dispatch the appropriate emergency personnel.

Did you know that carbon monoxide is a silent killer? It’s lethal, despite the fact that it doesn’t have an odor or color. ADT Home Monitoring provides the best home security systems to keep you, your family and your home safe. We currently have over 6.5 million customers who depend on us for their protection needs. It’s time to have 24/7 home monitoring with an ADT home security system.

Why ADT Home Monitoring has the Best Home Security Systems

The reason ADT has 6.5 million customers (and counting) is because of the richly held history, knowledge and insight of the security industry. ADT was first founded in 1874. Now, ADT is the largest security provider in both the United States and Canada.

Times change, but ADT home monitoring’s resolve to keep you safe never does. We use only the best tools and technology for your ultimate protection. ADT Home Monitoring provides 24/7 protection around the clock, for 365 days a year.

Just as you know the ADT home monitoring brand, so do others—it has become more than a logo. Home security starts outside; when you get an ADT home monitoring system, you’ll also receive a yard sign and window stickers.  It’s fair warning for potential burglars to know whom they are up against…and it works.

Homes without a home monitoring system are 300 percent more likely to be burglarized. It’s surprisingly that simple…and just as easy to get started—all you have to do is call for a professional home security installation.

We have a few different home security system packages to accommodate your individual home security needs and personal budget. Our Basic Package starts at $36.99 per month; however, it is only basic in name—not quality or function.

We have other packages that don’t require a landline, which means you can still have an ADT home monitoring system if you only have a cellphone. Our ADT Pulse® packages provide remote home monitoring. You can receive either home control or live video.

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