ADT Home Security Equipment

State-of-the-Art Security System Technology is the Best You Can Buy

For top-of-the-line home security equipment, ADT has the best security technology to help protect you and your family. If you want the best home protection for your family, then the clear choice is ADT monitored home security equipment from Advanced Direct Security.

The peace-of-mind you enjoy with ADT monitored home alarms is not only from the state-of-the-art system technology but also because ADT monitoring is extremely affordable at around $1 per day. With expert professional installation by trained security equipment experts, you can relax at home knowing you’re safe from the start.

ADT Monitored Home Security System:

adt digital keypad DIGITAL KEYPAD

Activates and deactivates your security alarm at your command with your security pass code. You can also access the Police and Fire Department with just the press of a button.



Now you can activate or deactivate your security alarm with a single touch from up to 75 feet away from your home. This lightweight, convenient keyfob provides security in a second.


adt motion detector PIR Infrared MOTION DETECTORS

This motion detector uses state-of-the-art technology to detect the difference between pets and a human intruder, so you don’t have to worry anymore about false alarms from your furry family members.


three monitors 3 POINTS OF PROTECTION
Attaching door and window sensors at three crucial perimeter points around your house increases protection. Door chimes sound whenever a door is opened, so you always know when someone has entered your home, welcome or not.
adt high decibel siren HIGH DECIBLE ALARM SIREN

Alert your entire home and neighbors when an intruder has broken in with this extremely loud siren, while scaring away the intruder at once.


adt battery backup BATTERY BACKUP

Power outages can’t stop ADT monitored equipment from helping protect you and your family. If your power is cut for any reason, ADT’s high-capacity backup battery keeps your security system up-and-running, so your home and family stay safe.



9 out of 10 convicted burglars, per the U.S. Department of Justice, admit that they have avoided houses due to security window decals and yard signs. ADT decals deter potential intruders before they even get serious about harming your home.



Expert security system installation by certified† professionals is provided for only $99 in every ADT home monitoring package. These installers can answer any and all of your questions relating to your ADT monitored home security system.


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ADT Pulse

†Depending on jurisdiction, not all installers may be certified.

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