Increase Your Home Protection with These Simple Steps

Home protection. As a homeowner with a family, it’s something that’s always in the back of your mind. You want to provide a safe haven for yourself and the people that you love, and with all of the home security resources available today, home protection is easily attainable.

There are a multitude of ways to provide protection, and you might think of new ways on your own. But if you want to up the security game of your home right now, consider some of the following simple steps to make it possible.

Keep your doors locked

This might sound like an obvious step to take, but you would be surprised when you learn just how common burglaries occur simply because residents do not keep their doors locked.

If you just moved into a new home, take a day to replace all locks so that you can be sure that only you have access to your home. It is highly recommended that you place a deadbolt lock on all outside doors along with a standard lock for extra home protection.

Put outdoor lights to use

Just as car burglars avoid breaking into cars that are sitting under a street light or any other well-lit area, they also avoid homes that are lit up on the outside and inside. Consider investing in infrared light detectors that automatically light up in the dark when someone is approaching your home.

Bright lights are one of the best detractors against burglars who prefer to strike at night. Do keep in mind that night time is not the only time that burglars like to strike.

Invest in a home protection system

It is commonly accepted among home security experts that one of the best forms of home security are home protection systems. Although DIY home security systems have grown in popularity in recent years, monitored home protection services are the most reliable form of protection for families across the country.

Going beyond just monitoring against home burglary, home protection services also look out for other threats such as fire and smoke, bad weather, and more. Be sure to go with a company that provides a professional installation to ensure that your system is up and running the way it was meant to be.

Keep your mailbox empty

If you are away for a few days, don’t let your mailbox look like no one has been around to check it. This is an older method that burglars use to scope out homes, but it is still very much in use. If you’re going out of town, have a friend or family member come by every morning or evening to collect your mail for you.

Avoiding posting where you are on social media

This tip reflects the habits of modern times, and it is growing ever more important. While it may be tempting to share your experiences across the ocean, you’re essentially opening the door to your home for potential intruders. If you’re going to post something about your travels, wait until you come back home.

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