How Do Home Monitoring Systems Work?

Home monitoring systems have been protecting families across the country for decades, and the service and technology associated with home security continues to develop. Customers can now operate all facets of their home security system not just through a control pad in their home, but also on their smartphone where ever they happen to be.

So how exactly do home monitoring systems work? If you’ve been in a home with a security system, you’ve probably seen sensors installed around the home with a control panel or keypad on the wall somewhere in the living room or perhaps kitchen.

Control Panel

This control panel is not only the center for the user to arm or disarm the system, but is also the “brain” of the security system that communicates with entry way sensors when an intrusion is detected.


The sensors you see may look like just one device, but there are actually two parts that make one sensor. These parts form a security circuit that remain intact as long as there is no tampering with the door or window that that the sensor is installed on.

When your home monitoring system is armed and someone opens a window or door, the security circuit is broken, and the sensors will communicate with the control panel that an intrusion has been detected.


From there, the system will signal a loud alarm to alert anyone who is in the home that a possible intrusion is taking place. This alarm is often loud enough to scare away any potential burglar, and could possibly be heard by nearby neighbors.

If your security system is backed by a home monitoring service, your system will alert a monitoring center about the intrusion and will first contact you to make sure that you and your family are safe. If it is determined that the authorities need to be sent to your home, the monitoring center will handle the dispatch for you.

Means of Communication

Your security system is likely to be wireless, which for one reduces the chance for burglars to interfere with it. When an intrusion is detected in your home, the system will communicate with the monitoring center through cellular radio frequencies, just like you communicate with friends and family through your cell phone.

Another possible way that your system will communicate with you and your monitoring center is through the Internet, which is a more recent development in the technology of home security systems. If you so choose, you can receive live updates in the status of your system right on your smartphone.

Internet-based security automation systems also allow you to manage all parts of your security system on your smartphone just as you would on your control panel at home.

The way that your home security system works is very similar to the way that your cellphone or any other communicative device works, but there are just more parts to the process. When installed by a professional and backed by a reliable power source, your home security system will function at all hours of the day, giving you and your family the protection that you deserve.

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