Who Are You Going to Call?


U.S. Hotlines: A Valuable Crisis Resource

Getting help is crucial in any type of crisis. A lot can happen in a single day and just knowing that there is support is a huge deal for some. Hotlines provide the first level of help and support. They are great, valuable resources whenever they are needed. Hotlines are available for many different types of crisis situations, such as: possible poisonings, domestic violence situations, depression and many others.

Here is a list of essential hotlines to call during a crisis situation. Please keep these in hand and feel free to share these with others who may benefit from them. And of course, if it is a true emergency, make sure you call 911 first.

Emergency Hotlines


American Association of Poison Control Centers 800-222-1222
Pet Poison Helpline 855-886-7965
US Suicide Hotline 800-784-2433
NDMDA Depression Hotline – Support Group 800-826-3632
Suicide Prevention Services Crisis Hotline 800-784-2433
Suicide Prevention Services Depression Hotline 630-482-9696
AAA Crisis Pregnancy Center 800-560-0717
Child Abuse Hotline – Support & Information 800-792-5200
Crisis Help Line – For Any Kind of Crisis 800-233-4357
Domestic & Teen Dating Violence (English & Spanish) 800-992-2600
Parental Stress Hotline – Help for Parents 800-632-8188
Runaway Hotline (All Calls are Confidential) 800-231-6946
Sexual Assault Hotline (24/7, English & Spanish) 800-223-5001
Suicide & Depression Hotline – Covenant House 800-999-9999
National Child Abuse Hotline 800-422-4453
National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-SAFE
National Domestic Violence Hotline (TDD) 800-787-3224
National Youth Crisis Hotline 800-448-4663


Numbers for Children

For those who have children, it’s also essential to have them their home phone number. That way, if they are ever lost or abducted, they can try to seek out the police for help. Having a list of phone numbers is also a good idea to have ready for babysitters.
Try to have the following numbers available for your babysitter:
• Your cellphone number or a number you can be reached at (such as your work number).
• Your child’s pediatrician, for situations when your child suddenly feel ill
• The closest hospital emergency room or Urgent Care facility
• The number of trusted neighbors
• Your pharmacy number
• The Poison Control Hotline
• Pet Poison Hotline
• Fire Department
• Police Department
• Any other number you find essential, such as the next of kin, etc.

You never know when an emergency will occur, but it’s best to know call-now-1426588_1280what to do and where to seek help if and when something happens. These hotlines and essential numbers can make all the difference in a crisis. And while there are too many numbers to remember off-hand, they should be kept for reference. Let ADT Home Monitoring Protect Your Home. And for everything else, seek the proper emergency personnel to protect yourself and loved ones.

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