Trick or Treating Halloween Safety Tips

Not only is Halloween (and the few weeks leading up to it) all about witches, ghosts, zombies, unique characters, etc., it’s a time that we welcome the cooler fall months. Summer has finally passed, and things have turned to all things pumpkin themed. In addition to that, the warmer clothes/sweaters now dominate the closet; people have begun ordering warm drinks on cool nights, and all the like.

With all of that in mind, nearly everyone enjoys the Halloween season. Whether it is dressing up in costumes, attending parties or going trick or treating with your kids, there is something for everyone to participate in and enjoy. But however fun Halloween may be, it’s also a time that has plenty of dangers—those dangers mainly surround children as they go trick or treating. Here’s why:


Dangers of Trick or Treating

Of course trick or treating is a favorite pastime for many. Just think back of all the times that we went door to door in our carefully selected costume, yelled “trick or treat” and collected a (hopefully) nice handful of candy for our goody bag. Things haven’t changed for kids today—they enjoy it all the same. But where things can go wrong is usually centered on pedestrian safety. On this single day, countless children get injured or worse when cars hit them.

If you think about it, how many children either walk along the road or cut across the street in the dark as they go house to house? Some of these children aren’t even accompanied by an adult. So perhaps it is siblings or friends trick or treating together (without an adult present), the odds of them getting hit by a car increases significantly. Did you know that only about 18 percent of children have their parents attach reflective material on their costume? This indicates that many of the children trick or treating would be hard for incoming drivers to see.

One thing is clearly undeniable though; pedestrian safety is crucial to practice; not only on Halloween, but all days of the year. But according to on Halloween, child pedestrians are twice as likely to be killed—a number that is perplexing to even imagine. The National Safety Council (NSC) released a report on 2017 surrounding injury facts. Two years ago, back in 2015, there were over 6,700 pedestrian-related deaths and over 160,000 pedestrian-related injuries (of which required medical care).

Of the pedestrian deaths, the following was involved:


You can ensure the safety of your children this Halloween by incorporating certain safety procedures as they go trick or treating. The number one solution is to accompany them or to have them go with a trusted adult. The second solution is to attach reflective material on their costume—even if this is done under protest. Safety cannot be ignored when there is so much on the line. So be sure to enjoy the day while being safe! And as they say, “TRICK OR TREAT!”

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