Staying Safe this 4th of July


In a little over a week, we’ll be celebrating our nation’s independence. The Fourth of July is a fun, lighthearted time that’s often celebrated with two main events: the grilling of food and the lighting of fireworks. If you think about it, both of these surround a common element: fire. To have a fun and safe Independence Day, you can follow these essential grilling and fireworks safety tips:


Grilling Safety

Do all of your prep work before starting the grill. It not only makes grilling easier, but also limits how much time you have to step away from the grill.

Wear a grilling mitt to reduce the likelihood of burns. Even when using grilling utensils, flames can randomly grow in size—especially when cooking meat.

When lighting charcoal, use a chimney charcoal starter. It’ll give you the most control. Try to avoid using lighter fluid, which can produce uncontrollable flames—if you aren’t extremely careful.

Ensure kids and pets are a safe distance away from the grilling area. Kids and pets aren’t always aware of their surroundings. It’s crucial to keep an eye out for them and prevent them from getting burned. Also keep in mind that the grill takes a while to cool off after it’s been used.

Always remember to turn of the gas if using a gas grill. The last thing you want is for the gas to get lit unexpectedly.


Fireworks Safety

After the fuse catches fire, quickly give enough space between you and the firework. You want to do this to avoid getting hit by any sparks, which could set you on fire. This is also true for anyone in the proximity.

Keep all pets safely indoors. Animals are terrified of fireworks and can easily get into harms way, if they are left outside. Whether it’s running away or getting hit by a car, keeping them inside will prevent these from happening.

Keep a fire hydrant or a hose nearby. In the event that something does catch fire, having a fire hydrant or a water hose can quickly put the fire out.

Make sure fireworks are lit in a clear space. Avoid lighting fireworks in areas that are heavily wooded. Never point the fireworks at people, houses, trees, cars, etc.

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