Getting a security system installed? 4 ways to prepare


So you’ve made the big step to get an ADT monitored security system installed in your home – a fine move, indeed! If you went through ADT, you might even quality to get a next-day installation. ADT technicians work to provide you with the most comprehensive system setup and experience, marking your home’s transition to a 24-hour protected safe haven.

If a technician is on their way, there are some things that you might want to consider doing before the process begins. Making sure you have all of the pieces together is essential in ensuring the ideal home security installation. Here, we will help break it all down for you.

1.  Tidy up

While you don’t have to go and neutralize every speck of dust that lingers on your counters and coffee tables, having a reasonably clean environment will help the installer navigate through your home a bit easier.

Make sure that all obstacles that could get in the way of the installation are handled – this includes wall connections that might be needed, as well as general clutter that creates a difficult working environment.

2. Know exactly where you want sensors placed

ADT systems come with multiple sensors to cover various entry points within your home. You might know by now that this includes doors and windows. Knowing the spots where you want monitoring by the time installation begins will allow for a smoother installation.

In relation to our first point, keep any obstacles clear around the locations where you want sensors installed will also be a massive help.

3. Know how long installation will take

Whether you’ve already made your order or are still in consideration, it’s important to realize that installation can take anywhere from two to three hours. The homeowner is required to be on premises during the installation, so when the day comes for your system to get installed, plan to be there.

Some installations can take longer than others based off of what kind of package you ordered, but generally, most systems can be installed within three hours.

4. Have questions prepared, and don’t be afraid to ask them

As we’ve mentioned, ADT technicians are trained to know the ins and outs of every security system that they install. While they are there to tend to the installation, they are also there to answer any questions that you might have.

Take some time to think about what you’ll want to ask the installer, and more importantly, don’t be afraid to bring up all questions and concerns. ADT installers want to be sure that you have to utmost confidence in your security system, and that you understand all of the functionalities associated with it.


Your decision to get home security through ADT monitoring marks a new chapter in how you’ll perceive what it means to protect the things and people that you care about. When you’re prepared to bring ADT monitored security into your home, 24/7 monitoring is just a few hours away once your installation beings.

Once again, don’t ever be afraid to ask any questions you might when your ADT technician is handling installation.

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