Rio Rancho, NM police are searching for man posing as ADT employee

Video courtesy of KRQE (Albuquerque, NM)

It’s an unfortunate trend that seems to be gaining more traction among small-time criminals. Individuals posing as home security experts are soliciting residences in an effort to enter homes for a variety of . One might be to scope out the layout of a home so that they can return later just to burglarize it.

Other documented instances involve the perpetrator “installing” an so-called upgrade to an individual’s existing home security system, collecting a check, and leaving the premises.

A new series of attempts on residences is happening in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, New Mexico, and police are having a hard time honing in on a suspect.

Attention toward these incidents have grown due to several phone calls being made to local police departments in the Albuquerque area, and they all seem to be telling the same story.

The man is only knocking on the doors of homes that have an ADT sign on their front yard, and is asking the homeowner to let them in. According to police, no one has allowed the man to come in due to his failure to produce any evidence that he actually does work for ADT. Others have stated that he has a rather strange demeanor that isn’t characteristic of a typical door-to-door salesperson.

Until the individual actually does enter a home without permission or takes belongings, police will not consider him “wanted”. Calls being made to the police in a timely manner could allow the police to make a move, but this has yet to happen.

What to do if a suspicious person knocks on your door

If you find yourself in this situation, there are several steps you should take first and foremost for your own safety.

Ask to show proof – If you are suspicious, you should immediately ask the individual to produce proof that they do indeed work for the security company that they claim. Door-to-door employees of ADT have an ID that they are able to produce at anytime. If they fail to produce, shut the door immediately and call police. Make sure to document the vehicle that the person is driving in, if possible.

Make it clear that you are calling police – Residents in the Albuquerque area have said that the man in question would instantly leave when they made it clear that they are calling authorities, or calling anyone for that manner. The problem with this is that it is giving the suspect time to get away, but it is maintaining the safety of the homeowner.

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