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In today’s world, there’s always a steady buzz of activity. From daily outings to work, the grocery store, school, etc., people are heavily mobile and on the go. It’s during these standard daily activities that homes are the must susceptible to home invasions— the majority (97%) of homes are burglarized when no one is home. So, as you leave your home each day, ask yourself whether your home is truly protected.

Start by making sure your lawn is properly maintained— that no trees or shrubs are covering any possible entryways that an intruder may enter from. Always keep valuables away from sight; the last thing you’d want is for a peeping tom to peer in and see everything of value right in the open. At dusk, it’s also great to turn on outside lights— especially if you are away at dinner or elsewhere in town. These small things make a Peeping-Tomdifference; and they are easy to do.

In addition to the above general home safety tips, it’s crucial to get a home monitoring system. Homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be broken into. Various reports estimate that about 4,457 homes are burglarized everyday; these cost the average victim over $1700. ADT home monitoring helps your home be safe from the start. We utilize advanced security technology to monitor your home 24 hours a day; seven days a week. ADT Pulse, our most advanced component to-date, brings home monitoring and remote access right in your hands. contentbanner_mobile-phone

With Pulse, it doesn’t matter where you are—you can access your home monitoring system via any of your Internet-enabled monitoring devices. Be able to do things like control the thermostat, turn lights & appliances on/off, etc. There have probably been countless times where you’ve questioned whether you’ve closed the garage door, turned off the lights or turned back the heat before you left the house. The thought of forgetting any of these is nerve-wracking (whether it’s for safety or energy-efficiency). Wouldn’t it be great to finally put these worries to rest? ADT Pulse provides a peace of mind you’ve never had before. With true home automation features and remote security monitoring, your home safety is always known and accessible in a moment’s notice.

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