As summer approaches, consider what’s outside of your home

Freezing temperatures and heavy precipitation finally seem to have waned away from many parts of the state, and now those who have been waiting out for warmer temperatures and sun can finally rejoice.

While this is a time to start planning all of the outdoor activities that you have been eagerly waiting to engage in, it’s also important not to overlook the safety of your home – notably what happens on the outside.

The importance of home protection in the warmer months was recently stressed by police in the Bracknell Forest area of Berkshire, UK. Authorities there have been working with other town officials to spread the word on the importance of home protection, and urged residents to avoid complacency about the matter.

The community in Bracknell Forest certainly has the right idea, and hearing about this story has inspired us at Safe From the Start to share some additional tips about security and the summer months.

Spring cleaning can also mean spring security


Spring cleaning comes in many forms, and one of them is landscaping. It’s easy to let your yard go a little bit during the winter months when it’s just too cold to want to spend much time outside for anything. But when the weather warms up, think about trimming, planting, and any other outdoor decorative activity.

What does this have to do with home security?

Giving the appearance that you are actively at home can be an effective way of making would-be burglars turn the other way. When a home has the appearance that no one has been there in a little while, some burglars might see it as a sort of open invitation.

If you already have a home security system such as ADT installed, think about making that yard sign that came with your system visible for the whole community to see.

Be mindful of what’s in your car

Warmer weather means that more people are going to be outside in general. You’ll see more people going for walks, or maybe spending time with their kids on a Saturday afternoon. With more people outside, you’re less likely to suspect anyone scoping out what you’re leaving outside for others to see.

While the protecting of your home is essential, don’t forget about your vehicle either. Everyone has different degrees of how clean they keep their own space, but one habit you will want to consider getting into this summer (and from here on out) is keeping your car free of any valuable items inside.

Don’t leave any electronic devices (the heat can also cause damage) in your vehicle, or any other loose items of value. Anyone walking by who notices that tablet of yours in the passenger seat might be back for a little late night visit.

Secure your fence

If your home has a fenced yard, put some extra thinking into the accessibility of your backyard from the outside. Too often, people overlook the security of their fence, and make it rather easy for individuals to enter with no problem.

If your neighbor’s kid accidentally hits a baseball or throws a dog toy into your yard, they shouldn’t be able to simply walk right in and get it. This may be of less convenience to them, but if they have a hard time doing so, at least you’ll know that others would have a difficult time entering as well.

Think about getting a latch for your fence that is compatible with a padlock or other device. Invest a little extra into a strong latch that can withstand force. Some ideas can be found here.

Outdoor security cameras go a long way

Time and time again, you’ve probably seen news stories that involve a burglary where the suspect or suspects were quickly detained because of security cameras both inside and out. If you don’t already have video monitoring in your home, think about making the addition this season.

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