ADT and LG are Collaborating on a New Smart Project


ADT and LG are teaming together on a new project that will be completed this spring. Together, they are creating the LG Smart Security Solution, a new Wi-Fi all-in-one home product that will cater to the DIY and renter markets. It’ll be interesting to see it’s full potential.

Apparently the smart security device will be labeled as an LG product, but will include ADT monitoring services. The end result will produce a plug-and-play product with the following reported specs:

As a wireless device, it’ll support Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, BLE and Zigbee wireless formats. LG’s Smart Security Solution will also have the ability to serve as a central smart hub, which will allow users to add on additional smart devices. Essentially the sky will be the limit for people looking to personally customize their home with smart devices and monitoring. With the ADT support in tow, it will deliver the best home monitoring solution for DIY-ers and renters.

Already, ADT has a number of home and business monitoring equipment that has brought in approximately 6.5 million customers—a number that continues to grow. ADT’s six monitoring centers are located across the United States, allowing their customers to have dependable 24/7 monitoring (even when there is inclement weather and power outages).

So in targeting this new crowd of potential customers, ADT will undoubtedly be able to protect even larger numbers with the LG Smart Security’s high-tech monitoring services and capabilities.

Naren Gursahaney, ADT’s CEO stated, “The launch of LG Smart Security is really the result of taking the experience and knowledge of LG as a world-class leader in the consumer electronics space, and pairing that with ADT as the leader in home security and automation, to create a truly unique product.” He continued, “LG aligns with our long-term vision as ADT continues to innovate the smart security space and bring professionally monitored security to the IoT category. As the first product supported by ADT Canopy, we believe that LG Smart Security showcases the new category of professional security that we are pioneering.”

Want to know more? Visit the ADT press release.

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