8 Ways to Increase Your Home Value

When you live at a home for years at a time, it’s bound to get a little dated. Whether it’s things you can do on the outside or things within, there are countless projects you can do to modernize your home’s appearance while increasing its home value.

Here’s what you should do:


1) Have Your Home Accessed by a Professional

To begin, you can contact a realtor to come out to your home and have them access what needs updating. They will usually do this for free. Another route is that you can hire a home designer to come out and do a home consultation. This will require you paying a hourly fee (oftentimes around or less than $100 per hour). Either option you choose, you’ll learn what is currently desirable and get some insights on what exactly you need to change.


2) Give it a Fresh Coat of Paint

Fresh paint does wonders for a room. Keep in mind when you are selecting colors, neutral ones are the safest to select—especially if you are intending to put your home on the market.


3) Invest in Ways to Be Energy-Efficient

Today, there are many appliances that are energy-efficient. And you don’t have to go all out; energy-efficiency can start by updating small things such as light bulbs. From there, the sky is the limit on what you choose to do.

There are now smart energy-efficient devices such as the Nest Learning Thermostat, which learns your preferred temperatures and will automatically adjust to save you energy. Some security systems, like ADT Pulse provide remote monitoring capabilities, which allow you to control things such as lights and appliances from anywhere.


4) Add Curb Appeal with New Landscaping

 Updated landscaping can transform how your home appears on the outside, giving it additional curb appeal. If you are on a limited budget and can’t afford to add new trees or bushes, something so simple as trimming your lawns and hedges is a great way of improving your yard’s appearance. Add some mulch and pine straw on top of that, and it’ll have a whole new look.


5) Change Light Fixtures

Changing light fixtures (i.e. chandeliers) can modernize a room drastically and make it look completely new. Keeping original fixtures make a home look dated.


6) Do Bathroom Updates

Bathroom updates are a great way of increasing your home value. Doing things like getting rid of wallpaper, replacing and updating faucets, vanity mirrors and flooring (such as cracked tile or standard laminate), can make a huge difference. These alone can drastically make your home more appealing.


7) Update the Kitchen

In addition to doing bathroom updates, the kitchen is the second most crucial area to improve. You can do this by investing in new stainless steel appliances, like: microwaves, stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers. These will modernize the kitchen as a whole—while still being practical in use.

Another way of updating a kitchen is by getting rid of original faucets. They reflect no personality and can even be an eyesore. New ones will give a modernized touch. There are many faucet options to choose from.

Want to make a big visual difference? Adding some backsplash to a kitchen will definitely make it look more impressive and high-end.


8) Update the Flooring

Living room with a natural American Walnut hardwood floor.

Floors get worn out after years of foot traffic—especially carpet. If you have carpeted floors, you can update them with new carpet, vinyl or even hardwood. Keep in mind that vinyl floors are not as durable as hardwoods. If you go the hardwood route, bamboo is a great option, since it’s very durable.

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