Don’t be naive: 5 things to keep in mind about your home and security

Having a home security system is a smart move for any homeowner or renter, as it shows a sense of awareness, care, and protection for the people that you love. As reliable as a system might be, it doesn’t mean that you can be passive about possible existing security flaws in your home. As much protection a system can give, there are still plenty of measures that can be taken to ensure your home is at an even better stance of security.

1. Are your windows as secure as your door?


It’s easy to concentrate your home security focus on the strength and lock functionality of your doors, but how about your windows? Are all of your latches still strong? Depending on how old your home is, things in your home age over time. This means you want to be sure that your windows are not easily opened from the outside.

With that in mind, it’s all important to keep people in mind as well. While an overwhelming majority of workers in the delivery, repair, and landscaping are honest and benevolent individuals, there is the possibility that you might get stuck with a bad apple. After you’ve had a delivery or home repair done, do a quick check to make sure that no window latches were loosened up. The likelihood that this would happen is significantly small, but it’s a small measure that you can take for yourself and your home.

2. What’s on the outside of your home?


It’s a nice spring or summer day, and you and your family are out on the front yard enjoying the time. Your kids are bringing all kinds of toys outside, while your open garage door is showing your nice BMW convertible and expensive tools. There’s nothing to say that any individual walking or driving by doesn’t take note of all of your possessions, and might want to see what else you have inside.

Of course, you don’t want to be a shut-in, but it is important to keep in mind that others have their eye on you. This could include neighbors that you don’t necessarily know that well yet.

3. Heavy snow just fell. Got any footprints?


Here’s an easy one to stay on top of. If you live in a place where snowfall is common, it’s a good idea to make sure that it looks like someone is home. A home that has no sign of footprints or tire tracks looks idle and unoccupied. If you are gone for the week, ask a trusted family member or friend to come by and plow your driveway and walk around to give the appearance is indeed home.

4. Suspicious visit? Be on guard.

If someone has come up to your door asking seemingly useless questions such as directions to get somewhere, it’s probably best to not abide by any of the conversation. If you can see something is wrong, shut your door immediately and wait for the individual to leave. Unless there is reasonable cause to determine that an individual does actually need something, it’s likely that the he or she is scoping you out.

5. Is your alarm system actually armed?

This is something you wouldn’t feel too great about when you realize that the burglary was entire avoidable. Before you leave your home and travel, do make sure that your system is indeed armed. Remember that with ADT Pulse®, you can arm your system from anywhere you are with an Internet-connected mobile device.

These are all simple measures you can take to make sure that your home is as secured and protected as it possibly can be. When you make the right actions, you’ll feel better about the safety of those you love.

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