3 Ways a Security System Can Provide You With Financial Benefits

When considering a home security system for your home, you are making a conscience decision to protect what matters most—your loved ones and property. A lot can go array; and you never know when something can happen (such as a home invasion, fire, flood, etc.).

You have to prepare for the unknown. That’s why it’s important to select a reliable home security provider that is highly regarded and that they offer monitoring packages that are affordable and will fulfill your personal security needs. While ADT monitoring provides both (monitoring starts as low as nearly $1 per day), we want to also let you know that you can benefit financially from having a security system in your home.

Here are 3 ways a security system can put money back into your pocket:


Whenever you move into a new home or you’ve lived at a property for years, you always hope that your home goes up in value. The more that it increases, the better positioned you are in the home market (if you put your home for sale). There are tons of home improvement projects you can do, in order to make this happen. You can rip up old carpet and install new hardwood floors, tear off old wallpaper and coat it with a new coat or two of paint, etc. But what many people don’t often consider adding is a home security system. Homes with security systems are attractive to potential buyers—further increasing the chance of getting your asking price for your home.


Homeowner’s Insurance helps protect against those rainy days that you hope to never experience—such as fires, floods, personal and structural property damage, etc. This type of insurance is optional, but it’s always good to have, both financially and for peace of mind. When considering getting home insurance (if you don’t already have it), just note that the average loss in a household fire is $4,000 (according to the U.S. Fire Administration). Money-wise, home damages can lead to catastrophic costs.

The good thing about having a home security system is that it not only alerts homeowners in the event of a fire, flood or extreme temperature, it can actually lower home insurance premiums. It can reduce it by up to 20%.


Those who work from home have several great options when it comes to claiming different tax deduction. These include writing off the portion of the home that is claimed as a home office, writing off different business expenses (in this case, the area of the home that is protected by the home monitoring system). It’s a perk many don’t often think about when filing their taxes. If this pertains to you, make sure you first speak with an accountant or other tax specialist.

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