Can Alarm Systems be Disarmed by Burglars?

There are several important things you can do to help preserve the integrity and function of alarm systems. The first of these is to NEVER give your alarm code to anyone! If you ever have someone house sitting, make sure it’s always someone you trust.

Guest passcodes can be provided in the event that you ever do have someone caring for your house while you are out of town. These guest codes still protect your main code and can be changed, added or removed at your own convenience.

If you are going out of town, also remember to keep your travel plans private. This means not announcing your departure on social media. Burglars monitor and troll social media posts to see when homes will be left unattended. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

But there are other things to know…let’s begin with equipment.

Types of Security Alarm Systems

There are two types of alarm systems for homes:

Well, what’s the difference? A hard-wired system requires a landline connection and involves the installation of hard-wired lines to link the different security sensors and components together.

In contrast, a wireless system does not need a landline connection. It uses CellGuard® to wirelessly keep you connected to an ADT alarm monitoring system. CellGuard works by operating through radio signals. So, like all the other types of ADT Home Monitoring systems, ADT’s wireless systems (such as the Cell Uplink package) still provide the same exceptional 24/7 home monitoring protection.

CellGuard protects against many provider-user communication disruptions. It’s the crucial part that keeps your system linked to one of ADT’s six strategically placed monitoring centers.

Please note that with a wireless alarm system, burglars are unable to “smash and crash” your alarm system. This means they cannot break-in and disrupt the alarm signal.

A benefit of hard-wired alarm systems for homes is that you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries to keep the alarm system and system fully operational. It runs off of that hard-wire, which doesn’t require any upkeep expenses.

Home Security Alarm Systems

So which alarm system should you get? It’s really up to you! There are great benefits of having either type of system. If you don’t have a landline phone, you’ll automatically need to get one of the wireless alarm systems.

Take a look at our ADT home monitoring package options; we’ll have just the right fit for your home:

Basic Package ($36.99/mo.)

Cell Uplink Package ($48.99/mo.)

ADT Pulse® ($52.99)

ADT Pulse + Video OR Home Control ($58.99/mo.)

ADT home monitoring has the best alarm systems in the industry. Whether you select a hard-wired or wireless system is up to you—both will keep you fully protected. It’s a brand you can trust with the technology to keep you safe!

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