How Do Alarm Companies Avoid Reporting False Alarms?

Alarm companies have come a long way in the available technology associated with home security systems. If you currently have a home security alarm system installed, or are thinking about acquiring one, there’s a chance that you’re familiar with the latest security features being made available.

As powerful and dependable home security systems can be, one continuous issue that security alarm companies and customers have is the unintentional false alarm. False alarms can cause all sorts of problems, ranging from fees, to frightened/annoyed neighbors, and more.

Fortunately, alarm companies work to avoid false alarms and work with customers to ensure that their home security experience is the one that they expect. With enough research, you’ll find that alarm companies provide a great number of resources and technology to help avoid false alarms. In fact, alarm companies wish to avoid them as much as the customer does.

Infrared Technology

One of the main pieces of technology that alarm companies use to avoid false alarms are infrared, pet-sensitive sensors. While your security system is armed, these sensors will recognize pets as non-threatening subjects and thus will refrain from sounding the alarm.

Alarm Verification

Home alarm companies want to be sure that when your alarm goes off, it means that you are truly in need of assistance. If your alarm company sees that your security alarm has been sounded, they will contact you to verify it. From there, it can be determined whether or not the proper authorities need to be dispatched. Monitoring centers are connected to your local police and fire stations.

Customer Service

Your security alarm company wants to be sure that you system is set up and runs the way that it is supposed to. That is why customer service is on standby to handle any adjustment needs or any questions you might have about your alarm.

If you want to avoid false alarms and have glass-break sensors, you should call your security company’s customer service to be sure that these alarms are properly adjusted. In order to avoid unneeded alarms, your company will work with you to ensure that your system is at top-level functionality.

Back-up Battery

The best security alarm systems should come with a back-up battery system that keeps your system up and running even during a power outage.

As part of a back-up battery, your security system will immediately detect when the back-up is losing its charge. If it gets too low, your security system may warn you when the charge is getting too low. This is an effective way to avoid a false alarm, since your alarm may get set off otherwise.

As part of owning a security alarm system, you might run the risk of setting off a false alarm, but you can avoid this by working with your security company. Other simple tips include making sure that your doors and windows are securely shut, as your sensors may detect a false intrusion.

Stay in touch with your security company, and you can avoid unneeded stress and expenses while maintaining an effective security system in your home.

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